Privacy Policy

Japan Finance Corporation (hereinafter "JFC") positions the trust of our clients as our first priority, deeply recognizes the importance of our clients' personal information, and believes that it is our duty to our clients to properly manage and protect their personal information.

With a view to protecting our clients' personal information, JFC will conduct our operations in a manner whereby we observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Incorporated Administrative Agencies, etc. (hereinafter called the "Law"), the Guidance concerning the Measures to Properly Manage the Personal Information held by Incorporated Administrative Agencies, etc., and so forth.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

JFC will acquire our clients' personal information through proper and lawful means.
When we acquire personal information from our clients directly in writing, we will specify in advance the purposes for its use that are within the necessary scope of JFC's operations.

2. Use of Personal Information

JFC will specify the purposes for use in obtaining the necessary personal information of our clients as listed below, and will use it within the scope that is necessary to achieve such purposes:

For all JFC Sectors

  • To confirm the clients' personal identity (including qualifications and requirements for our various lending facilities).
  • To receive loan applications, decide loan approvals, and conduct loan management after disbursements and/or repayments.
  • To make contracts, and exercise legal rights and obligations.
  • To conduct surveys and research through issuing questionnaires and providing reference information.
  • To respond properly and smoothly to questions and inquiries, and deal with transactions including queries from JFC.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

JFC will not provide the personal information acquired from its clients to third parties except for in the following cases:

  • It is required by law.
  • It is provided within the scope of the purposes for use as prescribed above.
  • Consent is obtained from the clients.
  • There are convincing reasons why executive agencies, incorporated administrative agencies, local municipal entities or local incorporated administrative agencies would use it to the necessary extent to carry out the law-stipulated operations.
  • It is used for statistics compilation or academic research.
  • It is clearly beneficial to the clients or there exist special reasons to provide personal information.

4. Subcontract

JFC may subcontract the handling of our clients' personal information to conduct such operations more smoothly. In such cases, JFC will attempt to select a trustworthy subcontractor, enter into a confidentiality agreement, supervise the handling and administering of the personal information impeccably, and assure the protection of personal information.

5. Personal Information Management

  • JFC will attempt to keep our clients' personal information correct and updated, and take prevention and safety measures against unauthorized access, leakage, loss, damage, and alteration of personal information.
  • JFC will constantly educate its employees about the protection and proper management of our clients' personal information to thoroughly make sure of its proper handling in its daily operations.
  • JFC will audit whether the protection and management of personal information is undertaken properly.

6. Disclosure, Correction, and Disuse

If a client wishes to make a request to disclose, correct or disuse the clients' personal information held by JFC, we will deal with such a request by following the procedure of disclosure stipulated in the Law.

Meanwhile, there are some cases when such disclosure could be made out of the procedure of disclosure stipulated in the Law, for which please contact our nearest office of the relevant Unit.

7. Inquiries about Personal Information Management

For inquiries or complaints about the clients' personal information management at JFC, please contact our nearest office of the relevant Unit. 

8. Continuous Improvement

JFC will continuously improve the clients' personal information management as necessary.

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