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  • Individual data (including text, photographs, illustrations, graphics and other information) uploaded on JFC's Website is subject to copyright. In addition, the entire Website is also subject to copyright as an edited and published work. As a result, all material is protected under the Copyright Law of Japan and international convention.
  • In the event data included in this Website is copied or reproduced, the source should be clearly identified. However, in the case of items (1) to (3) that follow, users of this Website are requested to contact JFC in advance to request permission.
    When making a copy or reproducing content for commercial purposes
    When making a copy or reproducing content that is marked "unauthorized copy and reproduction is prohibited"
    When making a copy or reproducing photographs, illustrations or graphics


JFC does not guarantee and assumes no responsibility for consequences, including damages, arising out of or in connection with the use of any information uploaded on this Website.

In addition, this Website includes links to external (third-party) sites. JFC does not guarantee and assumes no responsibility in connection with personal information protection or the content and details relating to external (third-party) sites.


  • If you wish to establish a link to this Website, please contact the Public Relations Department.
  • Links shall be strictly limited to the top page http://www.jfc.go.jp/ Links to other pages on this Website are prohibited.
  • In the event a link to this Website is established, it must be clearly labeled as a link to JFC's Website.
  • The following links will not be accepted:
    A link that utilizes certain techniques including frames incorporated in the original Website that makes it unclear that the content and details to which it refers comes from JFC's Website
    A link that is presented in a manner that could create the mistaken impression of a special relationship or that utilizes the ability to establish a link in itself as a promotional tool for commercial benefit
    A link that contains content that may be illegal or contrary to public order and morals
    A link that may in some manner negatively impact JFC's social standing and credibility or lead to economic loss or damage


Users are advised that the content and details of this Website are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Note :
The aforementioned particulars relate solely to JFC's Website and do not apply to other linked Websites.

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