Basic Philosophy and Management Policy

Basic Philosophy

Focused policy-based financing

Following the national policy, provide flexible policy-based financing by utilizing a variety of financing programs and schemes to meet the needs of society, while complementing the activities of private financial institutions.

Mainstreaming governance

Strive to conduct highly transparent and efficient business operations based on a high level of corporate governance and hold itself accountable to the public.

Furthermore, JFC is committed to becoming a self-governing organization continuously evaluating and improving its activities.

Management Policy

In order to carry out its Basic Philosophy, JFC collaborates with relevant organizations so that it can respond to any crisis, perform required functions as a policy-based financial institution, and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

1. Exercise of safety net functions

  • Perform safety net functions for SMEs, micro/small businesses, and agricultural, forestry and fisheries businesses in response to natural disasters, pandemics, economic change, etc.
  • Establish systems that can respond to any crisis including the creation of systems for operations during emergencies and promotion of further cooperation with private financial institutions.

2. Contribution to the growth and development of the Japanese economy

  • Support the creation of new businesses, business revitalization, business succession, overseas expansion, new expansion by agricultural, forestry, and fisheries businesses, decarbonization and other environmental and energy measures, promotion of digital transformation (DX), and business reconstruction in accordance with national policies.

3. Contribution to regional revitalization

  • Support regional revitalization in collaboration with relevant organizations including Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Societies of Commerce and Industry, and tax accountants by engaging in activities rooted in local areas including ascertaining local conditions participating in regional projects such as comprehensive strategies of local governments.

4. Improving customer service

  • JFC is committed to being a familiar and reliable organization that responds with compassion from the customer's perspective.
  • Respond promptly and precisely to the needs of clients by leveraging funds and information.
  • Promote digitalization and DX and enhance customer service.

5. Efficient business operations that show awareness of environmental and energy issues

  • Promote increased efficiency in operations by undertaking digitalization and DX and drawing the ideas from personnel.
  • Conduct operations that show awareness of environment and energy issues.

6. Creation of a rewarding workplace where personnel can demonstrate their capabilities

  • Encourage diversity and create workplaces where staff can fully utilize their capacities with pride and a sense of mission.
  • Achieve diverse and flexible working styles by establishing telework and other measures.
  • Promote career opportunities for women, including the active appointment of female employees to managerial positions and by promoting career development for women.
  • Reinforce personnel training to increase the quality and ability of each employee's professional expertise for conducting policy-based financing.

7. Engage in enhancement of risk management system and improving compliance awareness

  • From the perspective of corporate governance, enhance develop risk management systems and further instill strong compliance awareness into among management and staff.

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