Message from the Governor & CEO

Kazuho Tanaka Governor & CEO Japan Finance Corporation

I would like to express my sincere sympathies to everyone who suffered damages in the series of Kumamoto Earthquakes that struck in Apirl 2016, as well as to those affected by the earthquake in central Tottori Prefecture and Typhoon No. 10. JFC has established special consultation desks at branches in the affected regions and throughout the country in order to support SMEs and micro businesses, and agricultural, forestry, and fisheries and food businesses, by consultation regarding financing and repayment for those affected.

We will continue to carry out a swift and focused response.

Measures Implemented in FY2016

Nearly 9 years have passed since the integration of the Japan Finance Corporation in October 2008. Meanwhile, under our Basic Philosophies of “Focused Policy-based Financing” and “Mainstreaming Governance”, JFC conducts constant reviews of business operations in order to solidly bring about the benefits of integration. And under a mission directive to “connect” policies with all relevant business initiatives, we worked on demonstrating safety net functions such as reconstruction support following the Great East Japan Earthquake, contributing to Strategic Fields of Growth, etc., and improving customer service.

(Dealing with demands for a “Safety net” for reconstruction support following the Great East Japan Earthquake, etc.)

Including support for reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake, yet on the way to recovery, JFC has responded swiftly and meticulously to inquiries regarding financing and repayments from SMEs and micro businesses, and agricultural, forestry, and fisheries and food businesses who are affected by natural disasters and worsening of economic environment.

(Contributions to Strategic Fields of Growth, etc.)

Based on the government's growth strategies, etc., JFC is proactively engaged in supporting the new development of SMEs and micro businesses start-ups, new business, business revitalization, social business, overseas expansion, and new expansion by agriculture, forestry, and fisheries business operators for the sustainable development and growth of the Japanese economy. Through such activities, each business unit is striving to collaborate for improved service by sharing know-how in each financing system, inspection, post-financing support, customer network, etc. One specific example of such initiatives is holding the “High School Student Business Plan Grand Prix”, which offers a way for us to return JFC's experience and know-how in supporting business start-ups back to the front lines of education.

(Improving Customer Services)

As one of the main pillars of our Management Policy, JFC actively promotes on improving Customer Service.

Above all, to ensure the benefit of our integration has been given back to the people, we are working to exploit the collective strengths of the three business units, and to contribute to regional revitalization by utilizing our nationwide network of 152 branches. In FY2016, we also offered to cooperate with all regional municipal governments that have formulated a local edition of “Comprehensive Strategy” in implementing and promoting that strategy. In addition to that participation, we have been proactive in offering cooperation in other areas, such as leveraging our nationwide network to support regional “UIJ-Turn” seminars.

In addition, with the goal of providing beneficial information that matches the needs of each customer and region, we continued to host events on a nationwide scale, such as “Agri-Food EXPO” and “Nationwide Business Discussion Meeting”. Also, in order to help match customers via cross business unit collaboration, our branches in each region conducted trade fairs and seminars, taking full advantage of their integrity. And, with the aim of complementing private financial institutions, we actively pursued collaboration by entering into MoU's for business collaboration and cooperation with many institutions (nearly 100% of regional banks and shinkin banks). Furthermore, we have worked to build a “cooperative loan scheme,” creating new products that combine the financing systems of each institution, and in FY2016, generated cooperative 19,671 loans totaling 732.2 billion yen. Moreover, to more widely inform the public about the current JFC after the integration, and to make the function, roles, and initiatives of JFC more well known, we are also working to provide information through our PR magazine, Connect JFC.

Future Initiatives

Japan's economy is currently following a gradual recovery trend, but I think now is the key point for putting it on track to economic comeback in the future. I believe we must not pass up this important opportunity.

Within this context, JFC will concentrate its efforts on steadily and flexibly fulfilling its role in maintaining a safety net function including support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto Earthquake. We will also continue working aggressively to support efforts that demonstrate the comprehensive capabilities of JFC, Strategic Fields of Growth, etc.

Also, in order to provide the high-quality service characteristic of policy finance, we will carry out initiatives that link policy to customer feedback and the needs on-site, while appropriately performing a risk-taking function, and working to improve our consulting functions and abilities.

Moreover, in carrying out our affairs, we will follow the principle of “doing ordinary tasks with excellence” while steadily and appropriately building on each individual task, and take a bottom-up approach to achieve the aim of becoming a more familiar and reliable organization in each region. In our organizational management we will utilize information technology in pursuit of efficient and effective management. At the same time, we will work toward maturation as “One Finance Corporation” by engaging in efforts to create a self-fulfilling workplace through human resource development and promotion of career opportunities for women.

In regards to the efforts above, we will leverage appropriate management based on the opinions of our customers, local governments, relevant organizations and bodies. We look forward to your further understanding and support in the future.

Kazuho Tanaka
Governor & CEO
Japan Finance Corporation

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