International Cooperation

Micro and Small Enterprises(MSEs) can be described as the backbone of sustainable economic development. In most developing countries centered on Asia, MSE promotion is considered as one of the key policies for poverty reduction, job creation and promotion of supporting industries. Meanwhile, there has been increasing interest in finance for MSEs. In those countries, however, it is not always easy for MSEs to access financial resources due to shortage of collateral, insufficiency of financial data and lack of know-how in financial institutions. Although "Microfinance" is recently widespread in many developing countries, it cannot meet all the diverse demands from MSEs.

Under these circumstances, more and more developing countries, which aim to enhance MSE finance and to build capacity of financial institutions, have been requesting JFC-Micro to provide its experience and know-how on MSE finance. They are paying attention to the fact that JFC-Micro had played a significant role as an institution specialized in MSE finance in Japan for more than half a century.

In order to respond to such requests, JFC-Micro(NLFC at that time) established International Cooperation Office in 2001. Since then JFC-Micro has provided developing countries with MSE finance know-how such as credit analysis methods in collaboration with ODA institutions and international agencies.

Outline of JFC-Micro's international cooperation is as follows.

Technical Assistance

JFC-Micro cooperates with financial institutions, which are trying to overcome several challenges, in developing countries by providing its know-how in SME finance. Every year, JFC-Micro conducts seminars in their countries and in Japan based on collaboration with ODA implementing organizations, etc.

(Current Project)

(Past Project)

International Conferences, etc

As the importance of SME finance has been recognized, more and more international conferences about it are being held. JFC-Micro joins such conferences, etc. actively and exchanges information.

Acceptance of Foreign Missions, etc.

Every year, a lot of foreign missions from developing countries visit Japan to learn from Japan's experience. As a part of JICA training courses, etc., about 20 missions visit JFC-Micro to learn SME finance in Japan. JFC-Micro tries to give its best lectures to them.

Voice from Foreign Financial Institutions

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