SME Unit's Clients

SMEs and micro businesses account for 99% of all businesses in Japan, and are both the source of Japanese economic vitality as well as the primary force underpinning regional economies. The size and conditions of each SME and micro bussiness differ, such as companies that sustain the regional economy with many employees, long-established companies with a history over one hundred years and family-owned private shops.

The SME Unit provides a wide range of support to meet the individual needs of each SME through its financial tools, Loan Programs, Credit Insurance Programs and Securitization Support Programs.

Share of SME Unit's Clients in Total Number of  Enterprises. Share of SME Unit's Clients in Total Amount of Outstanding Loans to SMEs

The SME Unit facilitates funds to 1.5 million SMEs and micro businesses (approximately 40%) and accounts for 15% of outstanding loans to SMEs and micro businesses.

Characteristics of SME Unit's Clients

Characteristic of SME Unit's Clients

 Note: Results are current as of March 31, 2014.

The SME Unit also helps to maintain employment, with the number of employees at the 47 thousand companies receiving support (direct loans) rising to approximately 2.69 million persons (as of March 31, 2014)

Supporting the growth and development of SMEs in various fields

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