Approach to Internationalization

Proactively Supporting SMEs Dealing with Internationalization by Providing Funds and Information

Loans for Overseas Investment

Client companies of the SME Unit have about 6,100 local subsidiaries actively engaged overseas. The SME Unit actively provides Loans for Overseas Investment that support the overseas expansion of SMEs, and many SMEs have taken advantage of the loans. During FY2013, many SMEs used this program, with loans being provided to 400 companies, totaling 24.8 billion yen.

Loans for Overseas Investment by Country of Investment

Supporting Local Funds Procurement Overseas with the Standby Letter of Credit Program

The SME Unit has commenced its operation of the Standby Letter of Credit program from FY2012 and has built business partnerships with overseas financial institutions..

About the Standby Letter of Credit Program

The Standby Letter of Credit Program supports SMEs and micro businesses' overseas subsidiaries' and branches' smooth procurement of long-term local currency denominated funds from JFC's affiliated overseas financial institutions by using JFC's Standby Letter of Credit as a guarantee. As of end of FY2013, letters of credit have been issued to 46 companies and JFC will continue to support overseas fundraising through this program.

Affiliated Overseas Financial Institutions

Business partnership with domestic regional financial institutions in the Standby Letter of Credit Program

Under the "Japan is Back" strategy announced in June 2013, the use of the Standby Letter of Credit Program was cited as one of the measures for the "Support towards SMEs' and micro businesses' overseas development." In order to allow more SMEs to make use of this program, we launched a scheme to partner regional financial institutions in October 2013. As of end of March 2014, we have business partnership with 30 regional financial institutions in Japan, with the first letter of credit issued in January 2014 under this scheme.

Standby Letter of Credit Program Schematic Chart
Number of SME Unit's Clients Operating Overseas (FY2013 year-end)

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