Supporting Micro/Small Businesses

Business Loans were provided to 0.95 million businesses. Most of the loans are for small amounts, with an average loan balance per business of 6.66 million yen. Approximately 90% of the borrowers have nine or fewer employees, and approximately 40% of them are sole proprietorship. Loans that are not secured by any collateral account for approximately 70% of all loans (in number). Furthermore, approximately 30% (in number) of all loans are without collateral or guarantors.

â–¼Number of Business Borrowers and Average Loan Balance per Business (As of end of FY2012)
  JFC Micro Business
and Individual Unit
Total for credit associations
(270 credit associations)
Total for domestic
banks (140 banks)
Number of business borrowers
0.95 1.14 2.03
Average loan balance
per business (million yen)
6.66 35.76 84.62
  • Figures for JFC Micro Business and Individual Unit are the total of General Loans and Environmental Health Business Loans.
  • Domestic banks include major commercial banks, regional banks, secondary regional banks, and trust banks.
  • Figures for credit associations and domestic banks do not include loans to individuals (loans for housing, consumption, tax payments, etc.), loans to regional public organizations, overseas yen-loans, or loans made to businesses in foreign countries in name of their domestic branches. Number of business borrowers for credit associations and domestic banks are based on the number of loans

Source: Bank of Japan website

Breakdown of Borrowers by Number of Employees (Based on the Number of Loans) (FY2012)

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