Function as a Safety Net

The number of Safety-net Loans (including earthquakes) made in FY2012 to micro/small businesses experiencing financing difficulties because of a changing business or financial environment reached 156,596.

Furthermore, a special consultation service is immediately established in the event of an unforeseen event, such as a natural disaster or a major corporate bankruptcy, so that affected micro/ small business owners can receive consultation to find ways to ease their loan and repayment terms.

â–¼Special Consultation Services Currently Available(As of end of May 2013)
Special consultation services Date of
Special consultation desks for damage caused by the windstorms of May 2012 May 2012
Special consultation desks for issues relating to Elpida Memory, Inc.'s application for commencement of corporate rehabilitation procedures Feb. 2012
Special consultation desks for the 2011 great floods in Thailand Nov. 2011
Special consultation desks for the Great East Japan Earthquake Mar. 2011
Special consultation desks for measures to counter the strong yen Sep. 2010

The Micro Unit supports the rehabilitation and reconstruction of micro/small businesses that have suffered damage at times of disaster such as earthquakes, typhoons and heavy snowfalls, by means of Disaster Loans that have more favorable repayment conditions than regular loans, such as a longer repayment period or a longer grace period for the principal.

Between March 11, 2011 when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred and March 31, 2013, the Micro Unit executed 193,322 loans related to the earthquake, amounting to 1,915.4 billion yen.

Trends in Loans for the Great East Japan Earthquake(Cumulative)

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