Actively Supporting Business Start-ups

Support for Business Start-ups

Many start-ups and venture companies undertaking innovative new businesses face difficulties obtaining financing from ordinary financial institutions for such reasons as a short business history. The Micro Unit actively provides loans to these companies to support their business activities.

In FY2012, the Micro Unit provided loans to 42,452 businesses that had been in business five years or less. Of these, 19,469 obtained loans prior to or within one year of start-up. It is estimated that about 77,000 jobs a year were created as a result.

7,926 businesses received loans under the New Start-up Loan program in FY2012. The program provides no-collateral, no-guarantor loans to start-ups that have not yet filed their tax returns for their second business year.

Changes in Loans to Businesses Established within the Last Five Years

Job Creation Effects

Setting up Business Start-up Support Desks

Business Start-up Support Desks are set up in 152 branches nationwide where specialist staff provide a range of useful information for business start-ups, such as advice on the creation of business start-up plans.

Supporting Collaboration between Industry and Academia

The Micro Unit also supports collaboration between industry and academia by acting as an intermediary and referring technologyrelated inquiries from micro businesses to universities, and by providing loans to university-initiated venture companies.

Number of universities with which memoranda for industry- academia collaboration have been signed

Supporting Women, Youth and Senior Entrepreneurs

We are actively providing loans to those who are starting-up companies, enabling women to leverage their sensibilities, young people to exercise their ideas and senior entrepreneurs to utilize their experience.

Loans Made to Women, Youth and Senior Entrepreneurs (no. of companies)

Loans Made to Women, Youth and Senior Entrepreneurs (no. of companies)

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