Overview of the Research Institute

Pursuit of Specialization, Originality and Advancement Striving for Globally High Quality in SME Research

1) Functions and Features of the Research Institute

Research Institute conducts research on the latest trends of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and on the internal and external economic and financial circumstances surrounding SMEs. As a comprehensive research institution that investigates a diverse range of SMEs, from "self-employment" type businesses operated by sole proprietors and families to high-tech ventures on the verge of going public, the Research Institute maintains an invaluable presence in the global community. Relying on questionnaire- and interview-based surveys, as well as other types of field work only possible at JFC with its large number of SME clients, the Research Institute strives for an academic quality of international excellence by engaging in highly specialized, original, and leading-edge research activities.

Functions and Features of the Research Institute

2) Surveys on SME Business Sentiment

The Research Institute has been conducting several surveys on SME business sentiment. The most important one is “Quarterly Survey on SME Trends,” as described below.

Quarterly Survey on SME Trends

This quarterly survey is comprised of two parts: the Small and Micro Businesses section, which surveys 10,000 micro businesses having fewer than 20 workers; and the SMEs section, which surveys 13,000 SMEs that generally employ at least 20 workers. It is a massive survey of economic outlook, which covers the whole gamut of SMEs, from self-employed individuals to businesses employing 300 workers.

3) Thematic Research on the Current State and Issues Faced by SMEs

Surveys are conducted by selecting timely themes, such as the issues faced by SMEs, industries centered around SMEs, and trends in regional economies. Further research is conducted based on the survey results. Research findings are compiled into papers and reports, and are disseminated by means of journals, books, and other publications, as well as by way of academic societies, various types of research projects, and symposia.

*Some papers, reports, and survey results can be viewed on JFC's website.

Japan Finance Corporation Symposium

Research Institute hosts a symposium every year.

Discussions will be held between staff from the Research Institute and external panelists on on-going research findings. Participation of many people interested in this field such as SME scholars/researchers, SME owners and journalists, are highly appreciated.

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