Overview of Operations

Through providing loans, etc. to businesses in agriculture, forestry and fishery industries as well as the food industry in Japan, the Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Business Unit (AFFF Unit) contributes toward strengthening of these industries while ensuring the stable supply of safe and high-quality foods.


The AFFF Unit provides long-term financing, taking into account the fact that the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors have unique business characteristics such as long investment recovery periods and unstable income caused by the effects of weather. Assistance is also provided to the food industry, which contributes to the stable supply of domestically produced agricultural, forestry and fisheries products,as well as helping to increase value-added levels.

Changes in Loan Operations, Breakdown of Loans (FY2016), Status of Loans by Loan Period (FY2016)

Diverse Management Support Services

The AFFF Unit provides various services for supporting the operations of customers in the agricultural, forestry, fisheries and food businesses.

Customer Call Center and Periodic Consultation Desk Services

The AFFF Unit provides easily accessible consultation services at a customer call center and at the 48 branches nationwide where the Unit is permanently based, as well as at 118 consultation service sites that operate throughout Japan on a routine schedule.

Management Support Provided through Collaboration with Management Advisors and External Networks

Advisors in the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries respond to consultation requests from customers concerning all aspects of their business management.

We also cooperate with private financial institutions and external specialized agencies such as the Japan Professional Agriculture total support Organization (J-PAO) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) on matters concerning business cooperation in order to provide assistance with customer problems.

Business Matching Support

The AFFF Unit supports efforts by agricultural, forestry and fishery business operators as well as those in the food manufacturing and distribution industries to expand their own sales channels and customer base. It does this by means of the Agri-Food EXPO (an exhibit and business fair for domestically produced agricultural products) and JFC Internet Business Matching, leveraging its unique capabilities by wide-ranging support for the production, processing and sales of agricultural, foresty, fisheries products.

Provision of Information

The AFFF Unit provides customers and relevant organizations with useful information through its AFC Forum and Agriculture & Food Business Support information magazines, various reports such as the Business Confidence Survey of the Agricultural Industry and the Survey on Movement of the Food Industry, and through press releases, the website and the email distribution service.

Promoting Private Financing Support in Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Fields

The AFFF Unit is working to build an environment that encourages private financial institutions to actively enter financing of agricultural, forestry and fisheries fields by providing information on industry trends and assessment of agricultural credit risks (Agricultural Credit Risk Information Service (ACRIS)) and also offering capital contributions and securitization support services.

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