By providing funds in line with the policies of the Basic Law on Forest and Forestry, the AFFF Unit actively supports the improvement of forest that has multifunctional roles, and the creation of structures to supply and process domestically harvested lumber.

Providing Financing to Forestry Operators Facing Difficulties in Procuring Loans

Given that it generally takes about 50 years for a forest to develop and so recovering any capital takes a very long time, many forestry operators face difficulties in securing loans from private financial institutions. For this reason, the AFFF Unit supports forestry operators by providing the ultra-long-term finance that is required until logging.

Breakdown of Loans by Lending Period (FY2013, Forestry (Note))

Supporting Increased Use of Wood Biomass

Wood biomass is an energy source linked to the prevention of global warming, and expanding its use has become a key component of Japan's forestry policy.

The AFFF Unit supports the expansion of wood biomass utilization by providing loans for projects such as the construction of the power generation facilities that use forest and timber offcuts, and the introduction of sawdust-fired boilers.

Wood biomass power generation

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