Food Industry

Through providing funding to food manufacturing and distribution companies that deal in domestic agricultural, forestry, and fishery products, the AFFF Unit actively supports efforts for the stable supply of domestically produced raw materials and for improving added value.

Helping to Increase the Use of Domestic Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Products

Loans to the food industry are provided to businesses that use domestically produced raw materials, and are aimed at increased use of domestically produced agricultural, forestry and fishery products. An estimation of the effects of the loans made in FY2013 suggests that the transaction volumes of domestically produced raw materials will increase by approximately 126,000 tons over the next five years.

In particular, one of the requirements for the Hilly and Mountainous Areas Revitalization Loan and the Food Distribution System Improvement Loan is an increase in the volume of domestically produced agricultural, forestry and fishery products used. The requirement helps to promote collaboration between the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors and the food industry.

Agricultural Products Transaction Volume, Livestock Products Transaction Volume, Fishery Products Transaction Volume

Supporting Reconstruction of the Fisheries Product Processing Industry Following the Earthquake

The AFFF Unit supports the reconstruction of fisheries product processing businesses following the Great East Japan Earthquake through such means as loans with zero real interest rates and other special financing programs. In FY2013, earthquake-related loans made to fisheries product processing operators was amounted to 5.1 billion yen, supporting local businesses as the reconstruction effort began in earnest.

Loans Provided from Fisheries Product Processing Fund

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