By supplying funds in line with the policies of the Fisheries Basic Act, the AFFF Unit actively supports efforts to ensure a stable supply of marine products and the sustained use of marine resources.

Supporting Principal Fishery Operators

The Fisheries Management Improvement Support Loan is a financing program that provides comprehensive support to fisheries operators wishing to improve their businesses. Since 2007, the AFFF Unit has participated actively in the G project (Note), and the amount lent has remained steady.

In FY2013, loans to fisheries operators that suffered damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake decreased, and together with Fishing Boat Loans and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Facilities Loans, total loans for fishing vessels amounted to 10.6 billion yen.

Note: G Project:

The Fisheries Structural Reform Project (G Project) was launched by the national government in FY2007 to promote collaboration between fishery businesses and local communities for reform of entire production structures, from fish harvesting to product shipment, in an effort to raise profitability. The AFFF Unit not only provides funds for building and purchasing fishing vessels but also actively participates in joint projects with local communities to raise the profitability of fisheries by fishing boats.

Loans for Fishing Vessels

Exercising Safety Net Functions at Time of Disasters and Changes in Business Conditions

The AFFF Unit provides a safety net function to fisheries operators who suffer from the temporary deterioration of business conditions due to factors including natural disasters such as tsunami and red tide, falling prices of fisheries products, and rising fuel prices by delivering rapid and flexible assistance, for example, in the form of long-term working capital loans.

In addition, the AFFF Unit supported business continuity following the Great East Japan Earthquake by providing long-term working capital loans at the beginning to fisheries operators who suffered damage. In FY2013 the majority of loans were made for capital investment to support the reconstruction effort.

Loans Provided from Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Safety-Net Loans (Fisheries) and Earthquake-related Loans

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